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How to Ice Skate for Free (Or Cheap) in Montreal

Skating is one of Montreal's best winter activities, and that's not just because it's COVID-friendly. Borrow some skates from a friend or Bunz, make some hot chocolate just the way you like it, put on some fuzzy socks, and you've got a prime Saturday afternoon in the city! A highly requested topic, today we're covering all the best skating spots in Montreal.

For more info about how to ice skate in Montreal, check out last year's blog post and learn how to skate like a pro! While you practice, learn more about our top skating spots in Montreal to cross off your winter bucket list. ❄️

people on a skating rink
Grab some friends and get your skate on!

Insta-Worthy Classics

These spots are the quintessential Montreal skating rinks that everyone and their mother has been to. Unfortunately, that means they're usually more expensive, but they're worth a visit if you want to impress a date or a new friend.

Price? Free!

Skate Rentals? $12 for 2 hours

Closest Metro? Walk up from Peel station, or take the 165 bus

Oh, Beaver Lake. Is it even winter in Montreal if someone tries to drag you there? It's a hustling and bustling classic, but it's a classic for a reason. Climb the mountain, state around, and reward yourself with a beverage from Café des Amis. There's also a great sledding spot and other winter activities, so it really has everything you need.

Price? $8.05

Skate Rentals? $10.87 plus tax

Closest Metro? Champ-de-Mars

A little pricier, Old Port lets you skate with a view. If you've got family in town or want to show someone new around, Old Port is always a favourite. Go on a weekday to avoid the crowds and bring your own skates to save some money. Snap a pic or two under the ferris wheel and go on your merry way.

Price? Free!

Skate Rentals? $10.87 for 2 hours

Closest Metro? Sherbrooke

A little more accessible, especially from Le Plateau, Parc La Fontaine is another classic. It's a big spot that still has that community feel, filled with groups of friends and families and people on dates that you can make fun of. What a dream! ⛸️

Hidden Gems

empty hockey net on ice rink
Whether you want to skate casually or explore the homoerotic undertones of hockey, Montreal has a rink for you.

If you've got your own skates, these rinks are a little cheaper and easier to access. The city itself has a comprehensive list of every skating rink so you can find your own hidden gem that's close to you. Filter by borough, parking, accessibility, payment method, or pretty much anything you could think of! Otherwise, check out our picks for smaller rinks.

Price? Free!

Skate Rentals? No :(

Closest Metro? Outremont

There are a ton of underrated parks in Outremont, and Parc St. Viateur is no different! This rink is a sweet community spot with a bridge and a winding path. It's also easy to walk around Mile End for a snack when you're done.

Price? Free!

Skate Rentals? No :(

Closest Metro? Villa-Maria, or take the 66 bus

Come hang out with Cami and Anabelle, the NDG queens of the current COC team! Head up to Parc de la Confédération and skate for free. Make sure you make a reservation online if you want to go, and you have to present your proof of vax if you want to play hockey.

Price? Free!

Skate Rentals? No :(

Closest Metro? De Castelnau

Want to head a little more north? Parc Jarry is a little far but a surprisingly big and beautiful spot. The park is a winter wonderland once the snow comes, which makes it a great choice for a skate/walk/hike/whatever you can dream of. There's also a parking lot in case you're one of those people who has a car for some reason.

Price? Free!

Skate Rentals? No :(

Closest Metro? Laurier

Parc Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier is another Plateau gem with a rink. If you like to plan, you can reserve your spot to make sure you can get on even if it's busy. This park also has a ping pong table, but not sure how available it is in the winter (probably not at all, but maybe you could start a trend).

Price? Free!

Skate Rentals? No :(

Closest Metro? Atwater

COC icon Salar calls this spot "kinda cute," so it's obviously a winner. Right by the Atwater metro, Cabot Square is the closest rink to the Concordia campus on this list. Go with friends after class (if we ever make it back) and blow off some steam. This is a small spot, so try not to go at peak times.

If You're Tired of the City

skating at the enchanted forest in quebec
You already know what it is (Domaine de la Forêt Perdue) 😉

Got a friend with a car? These spots are great if you have a bit of time and want to explore something new! Sometimes, COC also plans trips to Domaine de la Forêt Perdue (or other spots if the demand is high), so keep your eye out if you need a ride.

Price? Free!

Skate Rentals? $12.50 for 2 hours

Driving Distance? 15 mins (also accessible by metro!)

Parc Jean-Drapeau is special because it's like a staycation: not hard to access but still feels like you're going on an adventure. Skate along the water with a view of the city and Biosphere, and maybe you'll get lucky enough to catch a sweet winter sunset. You can also go cross-country skiing on the island or take a little winter hike.

Price? $22

Skate Rentals? Yes

Driving Distance? 1 hour, 45 mins

Located near Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, Domaine de la Forêt Perdue is a club favourite. For only $22, you'll access the forest and then some. You can glide through the trees on a river of ice and stop to pet some cute animals along the way without even taking your skates off 🐄

Price? $20

Skate Rentals? No :(

Driving Distance? 2 hours, 30 mins

Similar to Domaine de la Forêt Perdue, Éco-Odyssée lets you skate through a maze of wilderness. It also has Musical Thursdays with themes like jazz, love songs, and even Quebec music (but the COC Playlist is still better). This spot also has a bunch of hiking trails, a snowshoe path, and a food truck for when you need a snack.


What are you doing all the way down here? Go get your skate on! Don't forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates on our next events and when we'll be able to hike together again.


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