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Participant Code of Conduct​

  • The Concordia Outdoors Club, all participants are held to the following standards in an effort to create a safe, enjoyable environment for all participants.

  • Attending participants are expected to adhere to the rules and guidelines defined below, or risk being banned from any or all future meetups or events.

  • By participating in club events or being present at club gatherings, you affirm that you acknowledge and agree to the code of conduct defined herein.

Tickets & Payment 

  1. All ticket sales are conducted online or during scheduled office hours, unless otherwise advertised by members of the executive team

  2. All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. In the event of an emergency or otherwise unpreventable circumstance (i.e. bad weather, school lockdown, etc) that would ruin the scheduled trip, and executives decide to cancel the trip, full refunds will be provided as soon as possible.

  3. Tickets are transferrable, provided the original buyer provides the club with the name and email address of the new buyer.

  4. Deposits

    1. Should a deposit be necessary, ​as it is on our bi-annual cabin trips, it shall be advertised as such.

    2. Provided that the terms of the deposit are met, the full amount of the deposit shall be returned to the ticket holder within a reasonable amount of time after the completion of the trip.

    3. Deposits paid online will be returned within two weeks of the trip's date of completion. Please contact the executive team if this does not happen.

    4. Deposits made in person must be collected no later than the end of the semester.

    5. Should a participant fail to pay the deposit ahead of the trip's commencement, we reserve the right to refuse access to the trip​.

Terms of Attendance

  1. Participants are responsible for staying informed and up to date with trip information posted on the official Concordia Outdoors Club Facebook page or sent via

  2. Participants are expected to ensure they are equipped with the appropriate shoes, clothing, and gear. Please contact us if you are unsure about what you ought to bring.

  3. Consider and prepare for any known medical conditions or allergies that might be relevant to your safety or that of others on any given trip (i.e asthma, diabetes, etc). Please notify the executive team of any extreme conditions in which a team member might need to become involved.

  4. Take direction from executives, trip assistants, or other authority figures seriously and avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations. While safety is our utmost priority and every effort is made by the executive team to organize ensure the welfare of all participants, it is still the wilderness and the club, nor the executives, will not be responsible for any injuries sustained during a trip, as a result of unsanctioned activities conducted by the participant. Failure to adhere to safety protocol as defined by club executives and trip assistants may result in being banned from future trips and events.

  5. Participants are expected to arrive and return to the bus 15 minutes prior to the agreed upon departure time.

  6. Drugs & Alcohol

    1. It is forbidden engage in illicit activities, as defined by the federal government and the province or state in which events take place.

    2. We have a zero-tolerance policy for participants caught using, or distributing illicit substances during or in preparation for club sanctioned events. Offenders will be banned in perpetuity from participating in all future events.

    3. As a participant, you are personally liable for your behavior and will assume full legal responsibility for your actions.

    4. Use common sense and make a meaningful effort to ensure your safety and that of others around you.

    5. Participants will abide by and respect all policies defined by the event venues.

  7. Leave no trace: many events take place on public land, ecological reserves, and natural landscapes. As such, participants are will:

    1. Be responsible for their own ecological footprint​.

    2. Respect the land and its inhabitants by staying on marked trails.

    3. Not litter.

    4. Refrain from feeding local wildlife​.

The Golden Rule

  1. The Concordia Outdoors club and its executives will not tolerate any discrimination, harassment, violence, or intimidation.

  2. All participants are entitled to the right to feel safe, accepted, and involved.

Concordia Outdoors Club and its executives reserve the right to deny anyone access to any or all future trips should they violate our code of conduct or act in any otherwise inappropriate or unsafe manner.​

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