How do I get involved with the club?

It’s super easy to get involved with the COC. There is no membership fee required, so just follow us on Facebook and Instagram as that’s where all the magic happens. Our trips are always posted on Facebook and ticket sale details can be found within the trip’s event page.

Can I bring my friend who goes to McGill/UQAM/UdeM/Sherbrooke, etc?

Sure! Anyone can come on one of our trips, they don’t have to be a Concordia Outdoors student. For overnighters however, all attendees must be 18+.

Can I rent gear from you?

Unfortunately we are not currently offering this service. Feel free to send us a message though and we can direct you to other clubs and companies that do.

Where do I buy tickets?

On the events section of our website!

I can’t come on the trip anymore/I missed the bus! Can I get my money back?

Sorry! We don’t do refunds, no matter what the circumstance is. If you post on the Facebook event page that you’re selling a ticket, there’s a good chance someone will buy it. Refer to our “Code of Conduct” page for more information on that. If you miss the bus there’s nothing we can do for you. We are a student run non-profit organization and are not able to give refunds to those who miss the bus.

Can I pay with my debit card at your office?

Nope. We do all of our ticket sales online, now! Check the events section of our website.

Can I reserve a ticket for me and my five besties?

Unless you have recieved or won an official coupon from a COC exec stating otherwise, the answer is no. Due to the high demand for tickets on our trips it isn’t possible for us to do reservations for everybody. Tickets are first-come-first-serve on the events section of our website.

I took the longest trail in the park and now I think I’m going to miss the bus back home. Will you wait for me?

If you’re missing during our post hike head count we’ll wait a maximum of fifteen minutes for you, after that we’ve got to get the show on the road! If you’re running late please call us if you’re able to.

How do I become a part of the exec team at Concordia Outdoors?

Our team usually changes every year. We post the available positions on our Facebook page at the end of the Winter semester. You can apply and you’ll have to go through a traditional interview process with the returning execs.

Why can't I buy tickets?

If you are trying to buy tickets before they go on sale, the website won't let you select a quantity of tickets. Make sure you check the event description to find the date and time when the tickets will go on sale. If you see "Sold Out" anywhere on the event page, it means the tickets are sold out. If one of the ticket sales fail, that ticket will go back on sale and the first person to claim it will have the chance to enter their payment details and purchase the ticket.

I really wanted to go on this event but I couldn’t get a ticket in time! What are my options?

Your easiest option is to keep an eye on the appropriate Facebook event page. A few people on every trip tend to re-sell their tickets at the last minute if they find out they can't make it. Alternatively, if you are interested in a specific event and you have heard interest expressed from others as well, gather some people and rent a car for the day. Spread between you, it will cost roughly the same as one of our tickets, depending on the location. You are more than welcome to meet us at the location!* *This option is not available for overnight/cabin trips.