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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The Concordia Outdoors Club is all about coming together as nature lovers and spending time outside, introducing to our newer members the hidden gems in and around Montreal. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made it a little harder for us to get together in person as usual. That’s why we decided to roll with the punches and start a blog! (Original, we know.)

Even if we can’t organize our typical in-person events, we still want to keep all our wonderful members in the know about the plethora of wonderful things you can do outside, both in and around the city. It’s important to us to keep the community feels coming strong in a time when it’s hard to get together physically. We can’t wait to go hiking and biking and sledding with you all again soon, but for now, this blog is where you’ll find all the COC content that you know and love. If that sounds like something you’re into, subscribe to our mailing list below and you’ll be the first to know!


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