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We Asked, You Answered: Your Favourite Summer Memories

We've been bringing the blog to you... Why don't you bring the blog to us this time?

Welcome to our new series called "We Asked, You Answered"! Every once in a while we'll be collecting submissions from the COC community to get to know you better and share your stories with the world. What's your favourite hiking snack? What songs are on your road trip playlist? How do you make the most of a rainy day? We want to know!

Read your first submissions about your favourite moments from summer 2021. ☀️ They've got everything from helicopters to old growth forests to seahorses!


Sara P Favourite Memory
When Italy won the EuroCup 2020 and I got to celebrate with the people I love <3

—Sara P.

I went to Ottawa to visit a friend for one night who had flown there from BC and then his plans got cancelled so I got invited to his family cottage in Kingston! I had been trying to plan a camping/outdoors trip but was having trouble because I don’t have a car so this was the perfect opportunity to fulfill that need! We hung out on Lake Ontario fishing and swimming all weekend and it was the best!!!

—Scarlet G.

Encountering a seahorse for the first time while scuba diving 🤩!

—Melanie T.


Anon Favourite Memory
Going to the beach at sunset!



Eli D Favourite Memory
I was climbing in Squamish when some friends convinced me to go join the Fairy Creek Blockade on Vancouver Island, to fight for the last 2.7% of old growth (trees that are 250-2000 years old ((it's year 2021 now for context))), which is located on unceded indigenous Pacheedaht land.
Being in those camps, with hundreds of other outdoors people, who are fighting for our planet and each other was the most incredible experience of my life. I have never been surrounded by so many courageous and caring people. It was life changing.

—Eli D.


Dunia A Favourite Memory
Climbing outdoors 🧗

—Dunia A.

Going camping in Gaspesie with my best friends! I'd never been there before and it was so gorgeous!



Sathya Lakshmi G Favourite Memory
Helicopter ride over Quebec!

—Sathya Lakshmi G.

Best part/memory this summer was outing with my friends and family to a waterpark 😍


Finally moving back to MTL after being gone for so long 🥺



If you want to take part next time, keep tabs on our Instagram and Facebook! In the meantime, don't forget to check out our new event schedule for September and October so we can hear your stories in person sometime. #GetDirty and have a great fall! 🍂


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