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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hey hey outdoorsy peeeps!! COC President here. I want to set everyone up with some of the BEST hikes the Outdoors Club has completed in the past! These are also my all time favorite hikes to do in the fall time and I want to share this with everyone! Keep in mind, with all of the COVID-19 bizzwax going on, rules and pricings may be slightly different from what I am sharing. Make sure to check out the links provided for more information. ENJOY!!! #getdirty

Difficulty Rating is /5

1 = Your grandma could do it

3 = Average Concordia student

5 = Survivor-man status

#7 Mont St-Hilaire

Views from atop mont st hilaire

At number 7 we have our lovely Mont St-Hilaire hike. Southwestern Quebec's landscape is pretty unique. It's mostly flat with random mountains popping up everywhere! If you've been to the observatory at the top of Mont Royal, you've probably seen Mont St. Hilaire! At the lookout points on Mont St. Hilaire you will have panoramic views of the surrounding Quebec neighbourhoods with downtown Montreal in the distance! It's definitely a surreal thing to see such a big city popping out in the flat land!

Location: 422 Chemin des Moulins

Cost: 5-10$ Entrance Fee

Difficulty: 2/5 (Great for Beginners!)

#6 Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant Ski Hill View Point

If you're from Quebec, the chances are, you already know this badboy. Mont Tremblant is known for its popular ski hill, however it offers multiple hiking trails and sightseeing activities. The main "Village" is where there are shops, restaurants, and trail heads leading up to the top of the mountain. Don't want to hike? (For an additional price that you can purchase once at the location) You can take the gondola up to the top to enjoy the scenery and lounge at the mountain top lodge and restaurant!

Location: 2291 Boulevard Perrot, Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot

Cost: FREE

Difficulty: 3

#5 Mont-Ham Regional Park

Mount Ham Summit directions

Mont-Ham is a COC hidden gem. This mountain is typically low traffic which gives you the real feeling of being in the outdoors! Mont-Ham is a regional park about 2 hours east of Montreal, with a variety of hiking trails & an awesome 360 view of the Townships.

Location: Mont Ham, Saint-Joseph-de-Ham-Sud, QC J0B 3J0

Cost: Free

Difficulty: 3

#4 Montagne Noire

Montagne Noire Crash Site

Montagne Noire is a beautiful hike with a thrilling view of many other mountains surrounding the area. It is a 35 year old inter-center trail straddling the Lanaudiere and Laurentides. We recommend taking the Lanaudiere portion of the mountain as you will discover the 1943 crash site of the RCAF Liberator Aircraft.

Location: 329 Régimbald Road, Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, QC J0T 2C0

Cost: Free

Difficulty: 3

#3 Parc Regional Des Sept-Chutes

Sepchutes Lac Remi view

Sept-Chutes is one of my all time favorite hikes to do in the fall time. Surrounded by several different trails giving you a huge variety of ways to explore the area.

The Sept-Chutes Regional Park offers the most beautiful views of Matawinie. A great classic of hiking in the region, it presents a breathtaking landscape on the Laurentian ranges!

Location: 4031 Chemin Brassard Sud, Saint-Zénon, Quebec J0K 3N0

Cost: 7.50$

Difficulty: 3

#2 Parc Provincial, La Mauricie

La Mauricie view point

Mauricie is a region of Canada's Quebec province. It's between Montreal and Quebec City, north of the St. Lawrence River. Its landscape encompasses forests, mountains, rivers and lakes. In the Laurentian Mountains. There are many different trails surrounding the beautiful lake. ( also some really cool cliff jumps...

be safe tho).

Location: St Mathieu entrance - Exit 217 off hw 55, hike entrance F

Cost: 5-10$

Difficulty: 2

#1 Mont Mégantic

Fall Colors Quebec Hike

The moment you have all been waiting for: At #1 we got Mont Megantic, my ALL time favorite hike in Quebec ( so far ). Ascending Mount Saint-Joseph or Mont Mégantic, discovering ASTROLab and the astronomy observatories and exploring the mountain and the sky make Parc national du Mont-Mégantic a place where activities "from the Earth to the sky" come together in perfect harmony.

Location: Mont-Mégantic National Park, 189 Route du Parc, Notre-Dame-des-Bois, Quebec J0B 2E0

Cost: $8.90 entry fee

Difficulty: 3


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