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Hiking Guide: Mont Sutton

COC took a little break from hiking... But we're back! Mont Sutton is the first of our three extra hikes in November 2021, and it's gonna be a great one. We'll get the tail end of the fall colours and some nice chilly air to keep you on your toes. ❄️

Sutton is a classic COC hike with everything you need: trees, rocks, lakes, and some pretty nice views. Stay tuned for tickets for our November 14th trip, and read this blog post to tide you over and teach you everything you need to know about this spot!

How Do I Get There?

Person walking on Mont Sutton
Sutton is southeast of Montreal and takes about two hours to reach by car.

Your ticket with COC covers transportation, so if you've scored one, you're already there! Otherwise, grab a friend with a car and make your own way over to Sutton. There are a few different points where you can enter the park, but 900 Chem. Réal is the one we usually go to with COC. This is the spot that connects to the most trails.

If you ever want to make your own way to Sutton, you'll have to take a couple of buses: first from Montreal to Cowansville, and then from Cowansville to Sutton, all with Limocar. Keep in mind that this won't put you in the same spot that our bus usually drops us off at.

What Do I Bring?

People posing by a lake
Mid-November gets chilly, so cuddle up (with your sweater)!

Depending on the time of year, you'll need to bring lots of layers to either stay warm or cool off. We're going in the middle of November in 2021, which means you'll probably need to plan ahead to stay cozy. Sutton also says that its trails are muddy this time of year, so make sure you wear shoes that can handle it.

As always, bring your own snacks and lunch. Extra bonus if you bring a Thermos of hot chocolate or tea to drink throughout the hike! If you're unclear on what else you'll need or you're new to hiking, we also have a comprehensive hiking guide to help you out.

What Can I Do There?

People looking at a hiking view
Take your pick from all-level trails and rocky views!

One of the best parts about Mont Sutton is that you can choose your own adventure. Although there are recommended hikes, the map is pretty loopy and has a lot of forks, which means it's easy to choose a shorter hike if you want to. Also, if you go to a different spot closer to the town of Sutton, you can catch a chairlift and skip the heavy breathing and leg cramps.

If you wanted to go on your own trip and stay the night, Sutton actually has some cute cabins, tents, and camping spots where you can stay. And of course, in the winter, Sutton is a great ski hub! ⛷️

Best Mont Sutton Hikes

People posting by a lake at Mont Sutton
Mont Sutton is down near the Adirondacks, so expect some hilly trails! ⛰️

You can take a look at the Mont Sutton trail map before you go, but here are some suggested hikes for this spot! Take your pick from a couple of options or choose your own adventure. We won't judge, as long as you get back to the bus on time 😉 Besides the two below, Sutton has a bunch of suggested hikes to get you inspired.

This little loop is your best bet if you need an easy day. Relaxing from midterms? Still recovering from leg day? Got your hair done and don't want to sweat it out? You can spend three to four hours completing this hike and have time to spare. Take it slow, stop to smell the roses, and get some great pics of you while your hair still looks good.

Maybe you're ready for a more solid hike, or maybe you just don't give a damn about how your hair looks. Either way, this hike is ideal because it checks off all the boxes. In just over seven kilometres with a 420 metres of elevation, you'll hit a few lakes and see some of the best views in the area.

Tickets for this hike will go on sale on Monday, November 8th, and Tuesday, November 9th! Check out our Facebook and Instagram for more upcoming info. Can't wait to see you there 🍂 Special thanks to @mathieutranchida on Instagram for the photos from our past hikes!


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