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Hiking Guide: Sept-Chutes

What's so special about Sept-Chutes? If you guessed that there are seven waterfalls, you're right! That was a hard one. Parc Regional des Sept-Chutes is one of our most popular destinations, and for good reason. It has moderate hiking with beautiful views and even better waterfalls to behold.

COC's first Sept-Chutes hike of the season will be October 10th, 2021. If you didn't get tickets, don't fret, because we'll hit it up again soon. Whether you're coming with us, you want to drive up on your own, or you just want to learn more about Sept-Chutes, read our guide below!

How Do I Get There?

Misty mountain in Sept-Chutes
Sept-Chutes is slightly farther from other hiking spots, but it's definitely worth it.

As always, if you go on a COC trip, your transportation is included in your ticket, and so is your admission to the park! Our bus leaves earlier than usual at 7am to beat the traffic, so it's especially important that you show up on time. Depending on the time of day, it can take a couple of hours to get there, usually ranging from one hour and 45 minutes to two hours and 30 minutes.

General admission to the park for adults is currently $6.09, but this is subject to change. You can actually book your ticket online to save time and make sure you can get in, because right now it has some restrictions due to COVID.

If you don't have a friend with a car but you want to plan your own trip, you can take two CRT Lanaudière buses: one from Terminus Radisson to Terminus Joliette, and another from Terminus Joliette to Rue Principale / face au 6010. This will cost $30 to $40 each way.

What Do I Bring?

Leaf on a wooden railing on a hike
Bring a camera for the biggest views and the smallest details! 🍂

Since you could end up walking on some wet and slippery rocks, good shoes are a must for this hike. Wear something with a decent amount of traction that's still comfortable for a day of walking around. Bring an extra pair of socks in case you find yourself slipping and taking an accidental swim in a puddle (listen, we've all been there).

Autumn days are getting colder and colder, so bring your layers! Always check the weather before you leave, especially when rain can make rocky paths more treacherous. You can learn more about what to wear in our comprehensive hiking guide! And as always, bring snacks, water, and a smile on your face.

What Can I Do There?

Rocky rapids at Sept-Chutes
If you like waterfalls, trees, or rocks, you will find something to do at Sept-Chutes.

One of the best things about Sept-Chutes is that all of its trails are pretty short! This means you can do a few while you're there and still take the time to chill and hang out at the falls. Sept-Chutes also has a few mountains: Mont Barrière at 610 meters high and Mont Brassard at 650 meters. ⛰️

Along the trails, you'll find a few different lookout points depending on where you go. There are a few lakeside spots that are perfect for a lunch or snack break, and there are also some pretty sweet summit views. You can count on a good time pretty much wherever you go.

Best Sept-Chutes Hikes

Misty cliffside in Sept-Chutes
Sept-Chutes has short trails, which means you can do more than one in a day!

This guide is going to be a little different from the rest because we've got the inside scoop from the front lines on the best route to take. The Sept-Chutes trail map is a little tricky to find online, so we've included it here. If you want to read more about the individual hikes, you can also check out Sept-Chutes on AllTrails. Now I'll hand it off to our finance guy and resident COC wizard, Salar!

Recommended Path

Ok, so we first start on the red line. It is about 1km to get to Lac Guy. Once you are at Lac Guy, there are three trails: pink, yellow, and red. I would take the pink line up, which is sort of steep but so worth it. Follow the pink line for about 3km to 5km until the "peak," where there are about three or so good lookout points. Depending on time, it would be a dope spot to have lunch. There is a spot where the pink line connects with a green line, that’s optimal lunch spot on the pink. Once you’re done with lunch, start hiking down the pink line until you reach where the blue, pink, and yellow intersect. This is where it can get tricky. Follow the blue path along the water, and eventually you should see some campsites. You can either turn around OR keep going along the blue path, which is parallel to the yellow on the way back. Eventually you will get back to Lac Guy. From there take the red line back to our bus spot!

COC Wizard Path

Ok so start on the red just like last time. Once you get to Lac Guy, follow the yellow line (THE WHOLE WAY BABY BUT GO LEFT NOT RIGHT). Make sure you are not following the path where blue and yellow are parallel. Keep going on pure yellow because there are some crazy cool lookout points. Keep following the yellow until it intersects with blue closer to the water. Once you get there, follow the blue along the water. Keep going until you reach the point where blue, yellow and pink intersect. Take the pink route up and stop around “Balcon du Nord” which is a sick lookout point. From here, there is another smaller path that cuts most of the pink trail. If you have time, kill the pink trail. If you don’t have time, take the shortcut and keep following the pink (GO RIGHT NOT LEFT). Eventually, you will reach Lac Guy. From there, take the red home.

If that didn't convince you to visit Sept-Chutes, I don't know what will. Tickets are already sold out, but be sure to check on the Facebook event page to see if anyone wants to sell theirs! You can also keep up with our Facebook and Instagram for other upcoming hikes. 😊


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