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Hiking Guide: Mont Tremblant

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Do you really live in Montreal if you've never been to Tremblant? Whether you want to stay in town or choose the hardest hike, there really is something for everyone. You can visit any time of year on your own or go with the Concordia Outdoors team on Sunday, September 19th, 2021! 🍂

Mont Tremblant is a town just north of Montreal, and it's one of the easiest getaways to make if you need a little fresh air. With an 875-meter summit, there are tons of hiking trails and activities throughout the year. It also doesn't have an entrance fee, which makes it even more accessible and one of COC's most affordable hikes.

How Do I Get There?

Hiking group at Mont Tremblant
Tremblant is one of the best places near the city to see the fall colours!

If you're visiting Tremblant on a Concordia Outdoors trip, don't worry, we'll get you there. We charter our own bus so it's included in your ticket. Be sure to check our departure times!

Otherwise, driving on your own is probably the fastest option because you can choose your own route. It's usually an hour and a half out of Montreal, depending on where you leave from.

If you want to make it on your own and you don't have a car, you can get your own bus ticket through a service like Busbud. This usually takes longer than driving because there might be other scheduled stops. Tremblant also has its own shuttle service, but it leaves from the Trudeau airport, which can be kind of inconvenient. It's also way more expensive (almost $100 for one way, compared to Busbud which is less than $50).

What Do I Bring?

View of Mont Tremblant
Sunshine is great, but sunburns are not 😔

What you need to bring depends on the weather. No matter how chilly it gets, always bring sunscreen and water. Being outside all day can take a toll, even if you don't feel like it will! Mont Tremblant isn't just out in the middle of nowhere, so you can fill up your water bottle or grab a snack during the day, depending on where you decide to go.

For hiking in general, you should bring good shoes and clothes that are comfortable for the weather. If it's a little chilly, wear layers so you can take them off if you get too warm while you trek. You don't want to get stuck wearing a puffer jacket on a sunny fall day, that's just a recipe for a sweaty disaster.

There are also dozens of winter activities at Tremblant, but the hikes are a little less accessible. Winter hiking requires a little more planning, although many trails are open year-round. If you're in Tremblant during the winter, chances are you'll be skiing and you can rent everything you need.

For a more comprehensive guide on what to bring, take a look at our basic hiking how-to blog post, which is coming soon!

What Can I Do There?

Mont Tremblant village
Hit up the pedestrian village after a long day of hiking!

Listen—we're here for the hikes. But Mont Tremblant also has a cute town that you can walk around if you're down for a coffee and a nice photo-op. If you have time on your hands, it never hurts to check out the pedestrian village. You can also check for scheduled events like concerts and festivals, but they're mostly postponed due to the pandemic.

No matter where you're going, do your research first and decide which hike is best for you. If you're a little tired, nobody's going to judge you for taking the easiest loop and taking it slow. Bring a snack and watch the trees! You can also usually take a gondola to the top of the mountain, but it costs around $25 to ride.

Best Mont Tremblant Hikes

Mont Tremblant group pic
Don't you want to see this beautiful view? And the landscape is nice too!

Tremblant has its own hiking map that you can take a look at before the trip. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty, you can also check out AllTrails for reviews of each individual hike. But sometimes it's fun to be surprised and go with the flow.

There's more than just what's listed below, and you can combine trails however you want once you're out there. Do your research if you really want to go in-depth and get the best out of your hike!

Ruisseaux (Easy)

The Ruisseaux hike is the easiest on the map. It covers a 2.7 kilometre loop without too much elevation change. If you're looking for a nice walk in the woods, this one is a good choice. You'll walk past some cute streams and get a view of the village, just don't trip on the rocks.

Sentier 360 (Moderate)

If you're coming for the views, then this is the trail for you. It doesn't start at the trailhead but at the summit of Tremblant, so you'll need to take another route to get there. It's only 2.5 kilometres, and you'll find great photo ops the whole way through.

Coming off from the Ruisseaux trail, Grand Brulé is one of the best ways to get to the Mont Tremblant summit. It's about 5.6 kilometres up, and you can choose a number of different routes on your way down. There are a bunch of great views along the way. It's technically classified as hard, but anyone with two legs can do it.

Our first Tremblant trip is Sunday, September 19th! Tickets will go on sale on the 13th at 12pm sharp on our ticket page. We'll keep you posted on our Facebook and Instagram. Hope to see you there! 😊


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