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Top 5 Bouldering Spots in Montreal

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hey there adventurous people! Don’t know much about climbing or are a bit scared by the heights? Don’t worry, COC has got you covered! Bouldering is a type of climbing where the walls don’t go over 4 meters high, contrary to traditional climbing which have walls that can reach 15 meters tall. It requires quick and powerful movement, with zero equipment needed apart from climbing shoes that you can rent. Most bouldering places are still open right now, but the mask is mandatory and reservations online are required. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 of the best bouldering places in Montreal

#5 Zero Gravite

Well situated in the heart of Le Plateau, polyvalent space with yoga, climbing and bouldering.

Location: 4519, avenue Papineau

#4 Horizon Roc

International level walls, very sophisticated online services, numerous installations. large space with numerous options.

Location: 2350 de la rue Dickson

#3 Le Mouv

Excellent online services with the possibility to design your personal training, only bouldering so great diversity of walls technicity. Possibility to repair your climbing shoes

Moreover, it’s informative and very advanced online services, bloc only, shoes reparation services

Location: 3811, rue Everett, Montréal

#2 Allez Up

Very wholesome and large space with a lot of possibilities and equipment, 3 bouldering sections with an outside one for the summer, training 45 degrees wall, pegboard, campusboard, Moonboard, outside silos that you can climb at good prices. Spacious, numerous modern installations, interesting prices.

Location: 1555 Saint-Patrick

#1 Cafe Bloc

This space is entirely dedicated to bouldering, with 3 floors, 2 inside and an outside terrace with hammocks for the summer. Great vibe to climb with the benefit of a little coffee shop and a few tables on the terrace to study. Delicious brownies and interesting prices on the climbing monthly abonnement for students. They also have a terrace, a coffee shop, a gym space, a kilterboard and a general very spacious.

Location: 1209- 1211 Boulevard St Laurent


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