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8 Outdoor Things to Do When You Can't Leave the City

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

If you're like me and don't have access to a car, don't let that stop you from spending time outside in the snow! There's plenty of stuff that anyone can enjoy during the winter within the limits of our own city. So have fun! And don't forget your snow pants!

1 - Skate

If you (or a friend with the same shoe size) have got a pair of skates, then there's no excuse for not going skating. Do it alone, with a friend, or even a whole group! Learn to skate, play some hockey, learn a new trick, or just skate and talk. Plenty of fun variations and there are plenty of skating rinks round the city to choose from.

2 - Make maple syrup taffy in the snow

If you haven't tried this incredibly patriotic snack before then it's about time you did. The only things you'll need are popsicle sticks, maple syrup (none of that aunt jemima corn syrup stuff, I mean the real deal), and a clean snow bank. Follow a basic step-by-step guide from online and you're good to go! Warning: this snack is as sticky as it is delicious so standby napkins are probably a good idea.

3 - Cross country skiing

Wether you're taking your own skiis for a spin or renting a pair, this'll be a good time in the outdoors. Typically cross country skiing gives you the chance to explore the hidden backwoods of a big park, but within the city limits there are still lots of places to explore on skiis. Like you probably didn't know that at Beaver lake you can take a cross country tour at night under the stars! Sounds incredible to me.

4 - Snow sculpture building

Why limit yourself to a snowman? If you've got the basic sandcastle making supplies then the sky's the limit. With a shovel and pail, or any other hard plastic container, you could create snowcastles, snow mazes, or snow dogs (friends of the snowmen). Better yet, have a competition with a friend where you pick a random object out of a hat and you both have to build your best snow version of that object within the given time.

5 - Quinzee building

Speaking of making stuff out of snow, have you ever heard of a quinzee? It's an awesome fort built out of snow and fairly straight forward to make. Simply make huge pile of snow somewhere, leave it for a week, then come back and hollow it out. Now you've got your own private clubhouse! No big deal.

6 - Running

You might be tired of walking everyday just as an excuse to go outside, so why not make it a little more challenging? I know that I personally never run in the winter because it requires so much more preparation than in the summer but maybe that's a hobby worth investing time into these days. Buy a pair of spiky runner covers, put on a few extra layers, and you'll be in shape long before the snow melts.

7 - Sledding

A classic! There are a million of sledding hills around the city. Check out our last article by Sophie if you need ideas. Even if there weren't, almost any random hill would do (so long as it's safe, obviously). Don't have a sled? Make it more fun by trying random objects instead. Cardboard, Tupperware bin lid, tarp, a bunch of skiis glued to the bottom of a posterboard, the possibilities are endless. This is also another activity that could easily become a competition.

8 - Napping in a snowbank

We're all thinking the same thing: "Those snowbanks looks so fluffy and comfortable". And you're right! So why not test them out with a quick nap? Get your rest and some nice outdoor air at the same time. You could even build yourself a snow-pillow and a snow-blanket.

(this one is a joke, please don't actually do it and get hypothermia)


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