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We're in the midst of those grey, slow and sometimes a bit mediocre months of the year. Since lack of sunshine and lack of motivation usually walk hand in hand, your screen time is getting dangerously high and you want to find a more mindful way to spend your days.

If you have some time on your hands and want to break out of sleepy routines whilst also giving back to a community that speaks to you, volunteering might be just the thing for you!

With the help of our execs' personal experiences, we have put together a guide to navigate you through the process of how and where to start when it comes to volunteering.

As a start, ask yourself two questions to better understand what volunteering journey would suit you best:

  • What causes am I passionate about? (environmental problems, social injustices, sports/leisure, animals etc.)

  • How much time do I have to give? (weekly, monthly, single event etc.)

CultivAction at Loyola

CultivAction is a community farm cooperative whose vision is to inspire a shift towards food sovereign communities through educational workshops and providing urban green spaces for sustainable cultivation of food!

Our exec Julia volunteered for a full semester and explains how she learned all about harvesting & washing veggies, and how she even got to bring home fresh produce every time she helped as an appreciation of her time! It's a win-win situation.

For the moment, CultivAction offers volunteering sessions as a part of their MicroGreens program twice a week; 11am-12:30pm Tuesdays and Fridays at Loyola Campus.

This volunteering type suits you if...

  • You want a flexible volunteering schedule (no minimum requirement of hours to complete weekly, no registration, just drop in!)

  • You are curious about learning how to grow your own food!

Read more about CultivAction here!

Ocean Bridge

Ocean Bridge is a 6 month volunteering program brought forth by Ocean Wise, a Canadian organization that promotes the restoration and protection of oceans. Ocean bridge is open to any Canadian citizen between the ages of 19-30, with no prior experience necessary!

Our exec Sara joined the program last year during which she got to go on an amazing trip to Tadoussac & experience whale watching, meet a bunch of like-minded friends, and learn tons about the sea creatures of the St. Lawrence river.

This volunteering type suits you if...

  • You want to commit to a cause more long term.

  • You want to go on cool and free(!!) trips with your volunteering buddies!

  • You are creative and want to combine it with your passion for the outdoors.

Something to keep in mind!

  • Ocean bridge requires you to go through an application process in order to be accepted to the program.

Read more about the Ocean Bridge program here!

John Abbott College Outdoor Education

Our exec Olivia volunteered during an outdoor education trip to the Adirondacks as an alumni with John Abbott College. During this educational program, she got to share her passion for the outdoors and teach students about responsible and safe hiking and camping practices.

Reaching out to your old high school/cegep/university is a great contact for finding volunteering opportunities, and is especially rewarding since you get to reconnect with teachers and provide mentorship for students.

Concordia Marketing Aid Clinic

CMAC is Concordia's first student run non-profit marketing consulting agency that strives to support local and small businesses within the Montreal area by providing free marketing consultations!

Our exec Noah spent 2 years as the VP of projects at CMAC, where he got to maintain connections with clients, choose clientele based on shared values aligning with the agency, and build relationships with the teams throughout the process.

This volunteering type suits you if...

  • You want to get involved in student-run organizations!

  • You want to make an impact on a community level.

Something to keep in mind!

  • CMAC requires you to go through an application process in order to be accepted to the program.

Read more about CMAC here!

The moral of this story is that there is no one way to volunteer. Nothing is set in stone, and your volunteering experience is for you to shape and discover yourself! We encourage you to explore the volunteering world, and experience the joy and gratification that comes from helping others.

Good luck and happy volunteering!


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