We are Recruiting!

The Concordia Outdoors Club is recruiting UNDERGRADUATE CONCORDIA STUDENTS to join the executive team for the 2022-2023 school year! Please read the details below about the three different positions we are looking to fill. 

  • Social Media Executive

  • Operations Executive

  • Outreach Executive

Please send us your resume and a cover letter and any other supporting documents you think may be relevant to your profile to the email below to apply! Make sure you specify which position or positions you are applying for! 

Send applications to: concordiaoutdoorsclub@gmail.com



Social Media Executive

Main responsibilities: 

  • Work with the other Social Media Executive to create online content for the club

  • Make our Social media bumping, create/repost outdoorsy content

  • Write articles on the blog on our website about outdoor topics/our events

  • Help update and create content on our website


Overall, we are looking for someone who is artsy, who enjoys creating fun content on social media, and writing blogs about outdoor topics. This position requires you to work with another social media executive to schedule posts and always be on top of present and future events the club is hosting. Writing blogs on our website requires creative writing skills. This position has a lot of flexibility, we want someone who enjoys social media work!

Operations Executive

Main responsibilities: 

  • Reach out to our event locations to book our places and purchase passes

  • Contact our bus provider to book buses for hiking events

  • Help the team plan events and make sure all details are figured out


The Operations Executive is a new position this year but it is a role that was already performed by different members of the team in the past. You will essentially be coordinating the planning of the events such as making sure buses are booked if necessary and locations know of our arrival. Speaking in French and English is beneficial but not necessary!

Outreach Executive

Main responsibilities: 

  • Reach out to other clubs at Concordia to organize collaborative events

  • Reach out to brands and locations to promote our club and pitch sponsorships

  • Cultivate and manage existing and/or new relationships with partners and sponsors

  • Support the executive team in coming up with and planning events 


Overall, we are looking for an individual who is very organized and is well spoken (speaking French and English is beneficial to this!) Your main job as Outreach Executive is to reach out to other clubs and organize sponsorships for the club. You will also be supporting the team in planning events as well!