Wow. What an awful year of major historical. But perhaps there was a silver lining. Did you become a master chef? Have more time to explore the local outdoors? The end is in sight, so tell us: what got you through the year?


Submit a photo of a small win from the last year, despite the chaos. The execs and the community will judge the photos and pick a favorite to win $150 for themselves and an additional $150 to charity.

Important Stuff:

  • Submission deadline is March 25th, 2021

  • The exec team will choose our top 10, then open it up for community votes!

  • Community voting will happen between March 25th and April 1st

  • Final winner determined by number of votes - more details to come.

Questions? Check the FAQ below or shoot us a message here or on our Facebook page

Submit a Photo

Thanks for submitting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my photo?

Follow the instructions on the form! We need your name, some contact info, then some information about your photo to publish and judge. We also need a link where can view and download a high-ish quality version of your photo.

What should I use to link my photo?

Great question! We need a link to you photo and we need it to be either public or shared privately with the club. If you opt for private sharing, make sure you share it with We also need to be able to download your photo so we can publish it on our website and social media for judgement. So make sure thats possible with the service you use. Some options might include:

Who can enter?

Anyone and everyone! Whether an amateur photographer, professional, or just someone with a good photo. Concordia Outdoors Club execs or their immediate family members are excluded.

How does the prize work?

Theres one prize and it's a big one. The winner of the contest (based on community votes) will win a $150 cash prize that they get to keep for themselves. We will also donate an additional $150 to a charitable organization on their behalf. For now, the organizations to choose from are:

Additional organizations may be considered, but it will be at the discression of the Concordia Outdoors Club executive team.

What are my rights as an artist and how will you use my photo?

By participating in the contest, you agree to grant the Concordia Outdoors Club permission to use and reproduce your photo free of charge for an unlimited time for the purposes of contest promotion and judgement. You maintain all your own copyright rights laid out in Quebec, but the Concordia Outdoors Club gets to use it. The Club also guarantees credit will be given to the artist whenever or wherever published. It is the photographer’s responsibility to obtain the approval of any persons visible in the photograph through an approval form if necesarry.

Terms & Conditions: The first place winner (as described above) will be given a $150 monetary prize, paid out via etransfer, check, or equivalent. The winner will choose one of the charitable organizations listed in FAQ above; the club will donate an additional $150 to that organization on the winner's behalf and provide the the winner with proof of donation.

Submitting photographers agree to provide their work (the photo) to the club for free in perpetuity, without additional fees. See FAQ for usage. Participants also guarantee their work is original and that they are the author/owner of the photograph and have the legal ability to grant rights for usage to the Concordia Outdoors Club.